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Koala T Poker League Rules and Player Guide


Please remember that specific poker tournament rules can vary from casino to casino and Koala T Poker rules are designed to keep the game fun without losing the integrity of the game.  Our league utilizes volunteer all-time dealers, but these dealers also play in the game, so some rules have been created/adjusted for that purpose.


The Tournament Director is in charge of each event and can determine how the rules are enforced in the best interest of the game.  PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AND OTHER PLAYERS.


Also, new players will be joining the league and may not understand the rules, so please help them (rather than criticizing) as the more players we have at each tournament ensures the venue will continue hosting league games.



All Koala T Poker games are free. There is absolutely no buy-in.  Anyone found wagering money will be asked to leave and will no longer be a part of the league.  We utilize custom-made membership software for player sign-in and seat assignments in our daily games.  


Entry into our Quarterly Tournaments is earned by accumulating points from the daily games.  Players must be a member of Koala T Poker League in order to participate in the Quarterly Tournaments.  Membership is free and is done through signing up at any of our game locations.





Players at 25 "total" points or more are Koalafied to participate.  


25-49 points - 3K in chips

50-74 points - 5K in chips

75-99 points - 7K in chips

100+  points - 15K in chips

Every 25 point increment from 100 points grants 1K in chips in addition to the 15K.


You MUST RSVP for the Quarterly Championships or you will not be allowed to play no matter your point total.     



Points are earned each game and accumulate through a season (usually 12 weeks).  There are four ways players can earn points at Koala T Poker games:

  • The top 10 placements from the Final Table

  • The top 3 placements from Second Chance Table

  • Your bar tab for every $5 increment you spend

  • Bounty chips from when Bounty Hunter Poker is played


Placement Points

1st place   – 13 points

2nd place  – 10 points

3rd place   –  8 points

4th place   –  7 points

5th place   –  6 points

6th place   –  5 points

7th place   –  4 points

8th place   –  3 points

9th place   –  2 points

10th place –  1 point


If at least 50 players play in a game, 2 additional points will be awarded for each of the 8 placements.  At 75 players, 4 additional points will be added to each place and at 100 players 6 points will be added to each of the 8 placements.  (ex: if 61 players, 1st place will award 12 points instead of 10, 2nd place 10 points instead of 8…  If 100 or more, 1st place will earn 16 points instead of just 10, etc…)


Second Chance Table (Max 9 players)

1st place – 3 points

2nd place – 2 points

3rd place – 1 point


Bar Tab

Each increment of $5 on your bar tab for food and beverage purchases (including tip) will award you 1 point.  (Ex: spend $11.00 earn 2 points, spend $28.75 earn 5 points, spend $30.00 earn 6 points, etc…)  Make sure to write your full name clearly and then give your receipt to the host for proper documentation.


Bounty Hunter Poker

Each player will receive  a unique Bounty Chip included with your starting stack. This chip has no value during play in the game but has point value at the end.  If during play you happen to knock out someone from the entire game, you win the pot and their bounty chip. Each chip you accumulate is worth 2 tournament points.  If you knocked out two players, but then you get knocked out, you must give up your starting bounty chip, but the other two are yours to keep.  When a player goes all in, they must include their bounty chip in the pot to allow players at the whole table to see a bounty chip is at stake too.  At the end of your game, give your host all of your bounty chips and two points for each chip will be added to your tournament point count.  Bounty Hunter Poker is played usually once a month and at the last week before the Quarterly Tournament.



Chip bonuses are awarded to encourage and reward regular attendance and attract new players.  In general, the following guidelines are used:

5000 – Winning a pot using the “Hand of the Night”

(Hand of the Night will be announced prior to each game)

3000 – Volunteering to be All Time Dealer (Dealer still plays, keeps track of player placement using

dealer button; continues to deal even after losing all chips or until dismissed by host)

5000 – First Time Koala T Poker player

2000 – RSVP “Yes” at

2000 – Weekly Chip Bonus*

2000 – Happy Birthday! (come play on your birthday)

3000 – Inviting First Time Guests (for each person;

max four people)

3000 – Early Bird Special (must be signed in at least

30 minutes prior to game start)

1000 – Every 25 tournament point increment starting

from 100 points (awarded during Quarterly Tournament only)

*An additional chip bonus is given on a weekly basis. Stay in the loop of each weekly bonus by checking the Koala T Poker homepage, checking the most recent Koala T Poker Facebook posts, checking the latest Koala T Poker Twitter feeds or looking at the chip bonus description on each Koala T Poker’s postings.*

Koala T Poker’s goal is not to create excessively large chip stacks, but to reward our players for their loyalty and support of the league and to encourage new players to join.



Level – Blinds – Time

1 – $100 / $200 – 15 min

2 – $200 / $400 – 15 min

3 – $400 / $800 – 15 min

4 – $500 / $1000 – 15 min

Break – (Chip Up: All Whites and Reds off the table. Chip values rounded up) – 10 min

5 – $1000 / $2000 – 12 min

6 – $2000 / $4000 – 12 min

7 – $4000 / $8000 – 12 min

8 – $5000 / $10000 – 12 min

Break – (Chip Up: All Yellows and Blues off the table. Chip values rounded up) – 8 min

9 – $10k / $20k – 10 min

10 – $20k / $40k – 10 min

(Game now ends, highest chip count wins)


Second Chance Table

Since this game is usually played by either later comers or the unlucky players from the main game, the blinds are much smaller to create a faster game.  Game starts at five or more players.  Max a players.  All chip stacks will be placed on the table and blinded out until a player takes the space to play.

1 – $100 / $200 – 10 min

2 – $200 / $400 – 10 min

3 – $400 / $800 – 10 min

4 – $500 / $1000 – 10 min

Break – (Chip Up: All Whites and Reds off the table. Chip values rounded up) – 5 min

5 – $1000 / $2000 – 10 min

6 – $2000 / $4000 – 10 min

7 – $4000 / $8000 – 10 min

8 – $5000 / $10000 – 10 min

Break – (Chip Up: Yellows and Blues off the table) – 5 min

9 – $10k / $20k – 5 min

10 – $20k / $40k – 5 min

(Game now ends, highest chip count wins)





When a card has flipped over during the initial deal that was to the small blind, big blind or the dealer button it is an automatic misdeal. If a card gets flipped over on any other position then that card is exposed to all players and will be the first burn card for the flop. If it happens more than once during the same deal, then it is also a misdeal.  If cards are dealt out of order, try to fix them.  Anyone who has not yet looked at their cards can call a misdeal if they feel the cards were dealt incorrectly.  This means all cards are brought back in, reshuffled and a new hand is dealt.



A bet is not binding until the chips are actually released into the pot directly in front of you, unless the player has made a verbal statement of action.  A verbal statement indicates your action and is binding unless there is a gross misunderstanding of the previous bet.  No string betting is allowed.



This rule is taken very seriously. Any Venue or Player caught wagering cash, property, or anything of value will immediately be terminated from the league. No chip bonuses can be given as an incentive for any purchase at the bar. NO EXCEPTIONS!



Koala T Poker strongly recommends that no one under the age of 18 be allowed to compete in our poker tournaments. However, it is ultimately up to the venue owner as to whom they allow to play.  Most venues are bars or taverns that have a strict 21 and older policy.  Check with the venues themselves or ask the tournament director if you are under 21 to see if you are eligible to play.  Be aware that if you are eligible to play at certain venues, you may not be allowed to play where our Quarterly Tournaments are held, even if you qualify for them.



All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the total previous bet or raise on that betting round, except for an all-in bet.

Example: Player A bets 500 and Player B raises to 2,000. Player C wishing to raise must raise at least 2,000 more, making their total bet at least 4,000.

A player who has already checked or called may not subsequently raise an all-in bet that is less than the full size of the last bet or raise.  Because the amount of a bet in no-limit poker has such a wide range, a player who has taken action based on a gross misunderstanding of the bet amount may receive protection by the Tournament Director.  A “call” or “raise” may be ruled not binding if it is obvious that the player grossly misunderstood the amount wagered, provided no damage has been caused by that action.



If you throw your cards into the “muck” (folded cards pile) then your hand is folded. However, a hand that is clearly identifiable may be retrieved and ruled live at the Tournament Director’s discretion if doing so is in the best interest of the game. Please make every extra effort to rule a hand retrievable if it was folded as a result of incorrect information given to the player.



If a player does not have enough chips to cover the blind, they are considered “All In” and cannot win

any more from each player than they have in their stack. For example, if a player has only 500 chips

left and the blinds are 500/1,000, they are all in and can only win 500 chips from each player left in the hand.



‘Splashing the pot’ means placing or tossing chips directly into the pot rather than in front of their position. When calling or betting, every player must place their chips in front of them and leave them there until all players have acted. Then, all chips are moved to the center of the table, preferably by the dealer.  Change for higher denominations are played will be given by the dealer.  Do not automatically take your change from the pot to ease any confusion of bet amounts.  Kindly remind the dealer for your change if not given to you when the dealer moves the chips to the center.



Be respectful. If you call a raise, you should make a raise unless the player did not recognize a raise before them. Verbal declarations are always binding unless otherwise ruled by a Tournament Director.



All hands will be turned face up whenever a player is all-in and the betting action has been completed.  If a player accidentally exposes one of their cards before all players have acted, they must allow the card to be seen by all players at the table.



A player should not win the hand unless they show both their hole cards at showdown. If no one calls the player, the player does not need to show.



Each player has 7 cards from which to play (2 hole cards and 5 community cards). The BEST 5 Cards play!  So for example, if there is JQKA on the board, and both players have a 10, it is a split pot.



When playing heads up, the dealer is always the little blind, first to act pre-flop, and the last to act after the flop.



If you’re not sure what either of these are, don’t worry!  Neither one is allowed in our tournaments.



In the case of a split pot, there may be an extra chip left. This chip goes to the first player to the left of the dealer (that was still in the hand).



The player that had more chips at the beginning of the hand receives the better finishing position. Once in a while, both these players will have the same number of chips at the beginning of the hand (very rare). In these cases, the player that had the best starting hand will earn the better position.



The dealer will shuffle the cards from three to five times only.  The dealer is also responsible for cutting the deck to ensure faster card dealing.



Players arriving late can only take a seat if…

They arrive within 30 minutes of the start of the tournament.

  • The player forfeits a Small and Big blind for each level. For example, the blinds are 15 minutes and a player arrives 16 minutes into the tournament, they forfeit 900 in Chips. (300 for Level 1 and 600 for Level 2) They forfeit these  chips regardless of where they are seated (in the blinds or not). These chips are taken prior to them receiving their   stack and are not placed in the pot or divided amongst players.



Your higher value chips should be visible at all times and not hidden behind other stacks.



This will happen from time to time, but please be respectful of this. Your move can change the

move(s) of other players at the table.



The last thing the Tournament Director or the other players need is a whiny player. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time playing cards!



Do not show your cards to other people at the table or the “audience”, even if you are going to fold and/or they are already out of the hand. Your cards are for your eyes only.



String betting is when a player places their bet out in multiple motions unless they announce “raise” and/or the amount of their bet at the same time.  String betting is not allowed.

REMEMBER: Many players are not familiar with this, so take it easy on them!



Please remember to abide by all restaurant or bar rules regarding smoking, as well as local and state laws which may prohibit the use of tobacco products indoors. If you are allowed to smoke inside the bar you are playing at, do so a considerable distance away from your table and other players.  The same conditions apply for vapor smokers too.



Cheating will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately and banned from Koala T Poker League if you are found cheating.  If you suspect another player of cheating, let the Tournament Director know. Their ruling on the situation is final. This includes colluding with other players, dumping chips, or any situation that can be looked at as cheating.

Note: The Tournament Director should witness the cheating.  If not, then there must be enough evidence presented beyond reasonable doubt that the accused was found cheating. Mistakes can happen, but outright cheated will not be taken lightly.



All cell phones (and other mobile devices) must be turned down during the event (volume). At no time are players allowed to be talking on their phones while at the table. If a phone call needs to be made/received, that player must exit the table and forfeit the current hand. Players not involved in the hand may text/email at the table – but please be respectful of this as it can slow the game down.



Cards should remain on the table and visible to other players at all times.



Players standing behind the table are not allowed to help a player that is sitting at the table.  No “table talking” is allowed as well.  Regular conversations are welcomed and encouraged.  “Table talking” is referred to as speaking out loud about the current hand being played or what possible hands could be played.  Even mentioning what you could have had if you stayed in the hand while that hand is being played is table talking and is not allowed.



Only the players still in the tournament may be seated at a table in play.



The Tournament Director will attempt to keep the number at each table equal. This is not always possible and play cannot stop because of it. Also, please don’t bug the Tournament Director every time you lose a player!



When moving to a new table, attempt to sit in a similar position to the dealer.  If 2 or less players move to a new table and sit in the Big Blind, they have the option of sitting out until the deal passes them.



If a player has to leave the tournament early, the chips are taken off the table and given to the Tournament Director. CHIPS ARE NOT TO BE SPLIT AMONGST THE PLAYERS!




If a player leaves the table during play to use the bathroom, get a drink, or the like, they are still dealt into hands. If they have not returned by the time it is their turn to act, their cards are mucked and their blinds placed in the pot.

Note: When players are in the Big Blind and everyone checks around, they also check. They do not have to return until it is their turn to act after the flop, even if the hand goes to showdown.



If a player must leave the table for an extended period of time, please make sure the TD is notified.  If a player is gone for an entire blind level, their chips will be turned into the TD and they will be eliminated from the game.

For example, if blinds are 15 minutes long and a player leaves half way through a blind, they are given the rest of that blind (7 1\2 minutes) and the next full blind (15 minutes).



At no time can any player or spectator threaten or berate another player. This will not be tolerated. Remember, we are here to have fun!  You will be given one warning one time to stop.  If you continue the inappropriate behavior you will be asked to leave and not return.



There are times that a situation occurs that is not covered in this guide. If a situation arises, rulings are at the discretion of the Tournament Director and their ruling is final!



Your picture may be taken during the game.  If you win a prize, your photo will be taken with your prize shown.  These pictures will be posted online.



You will not take your chips off the table unless instructed to do so by the host.  If you are asked to move you will carry all your chips in your hands and have them visible at all times.  If you have an excessive amount, the host will hand you a chip rack or you must ask for one and it will be provided.  If you place your chips in your pockets, you will no longer be allowed to play in the tournament.  No matter the circumstance.




 Are there any fees to play Koala T Poker?

Koala T Poker is completely free to the players and there is never a buy-in.  We do however strongly encourage you to support the bars with your food & beverage purchases to ensure the promotion continues.


When do the scores get updated?

We strive to update scores within 24-72 hours. If you are concerned about scores, please speak to your Tournament Director or email us at


Am I allowed to get extra chips for food purchases?

Absolutely not! That is considered a buy-in to the game and is illegal in both Indiana and Illinois.


I am interested in becoming a tournament director, who do I talk to?

Please contact us at for more information.


Is all of this even legal?

Koala T Poker League Entertainment runs only free, legal games.  To ensure all practices, rules and actions we take with the league are legal, we hired a gaming attorney to clarify any questionable laws and speak regularly with the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission Excise Police in Indiana and Illinois to ensure a fun, free and legal game for everyone to enjoy.  Click the link below “Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Letter” to read the statement created by Dave Heath, Chairman of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission with information directly relating to Texas Hold’em Tournaments held specifically in Indiana.








Looking for a few good poker players!


Come join Koala T Poker League and experience fun and exciting free roll Texas Hold'em poker held at local pubs, bars and restaurants. The games are always free, there is never a buy-in. You get different opportunities to earn bonus chips and there will always be a cash prize. Chips bonuses such as wear your favorite Sports Team Apparrel, Seniors Night, Couples Night, College Night, Men's Night, Ladies Night and many others are awarded each week. Check out our Facebook page or Twitter feeds for an in depth look into the league. The league started in Oct '13 in Indianapolis IN and has expanded to Chicago IL, San Antonio TX and very soon all across the USA!!!



Koala T Poker League (KTPL) is a free-roll, multi-state poker league.  But it's so much more than that!  KTPL is less of a hardcore poker league and more of a Social Club with players like you who love the game.  It is designed for a fun and unique poker experience that keeps the game interesting and action packed for all players and patrons.  Real fun, real entertainment, real social interaction, never gambling!


So if you enjoy having fun playing cards while meeting new people, then we are what you're looking for.  Plus you just might win Cash & prizes along the way!  Welcome to Koala T Poker League!

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