Koala T Poker League is proudly donating 1% of poker venue income to L.E.G.E.N.D. Destiny!



The motivation behind launching Legend Destiny, INC. stems from the following:

  • Declining literacy and high school
    dropout rates of black young boys

  • Growing number of homicides and 

    incarceration rates of black young boys 

The evil truths that these same black young males are either lost to the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana, or simply gone too soon. 


The question is no longer, what should be done to help these boys; however, the question should be, “How can WE help the boys of our city?” It is no longer society’s problem; it is our problem; it is no longer society’s issue, it is our issue and we have to come up with solutions for this growing epidemic. Many of these adolescent males have no direction, a lack of motivation, and oftentimes they are misunderstood, disenfranchised and simply ignored. Legend Destiny, INC.s motto is “To reach them now, so we don’t lose them later.” 

We are that village that will hold these boys accountable, embrace them where they are, then rise them to the occasion.



by Koala T Poker League Entertainment, LLC.

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