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Koala QuarTerly Championships

Our Koala T Quarterly Tournaments are higher payout, invitation-only freeroll tournaments.  A certain number of Koala T Tournament Points are needed to gain entry.  These Quarterly Tournaments occur after every three-month term.  Earn points through final table placement and bar tab receipts.  Click here for details about earning points.  

Click your region below for more specific details and to register for the tournament in the group when an exact date is posted.

Indianapolis, IN Region: Venue TBD; Date and Time mid July

San Antonio, TX Region: Venue TBD; Date and Time mid July

  • 1000 tournament points - 15K starting stack

  • 1500 tournament points - 20K starting stack

  • 2000 tournament points - 24K starting stack

  • 2500 tournament points - 27K starting stack

  • 3000 tournament points - 29K starting stack

  • 3500 tournament points - 30K starting stack

   At 4000 points, and every 500 point increment after, receive 1K in bonus chips.

Point Structure
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