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Welcome to Koala T Poker League, where it’s not just a game, but an experience. Koala T has been serving up Texas Hold ‘Em games for Indianapolis beginners and veterans since its annual game in 2013 at what was then Peppers Brew Garden in Lawrence. It has since expanded to several other venues and is available—for no buy-in, though Koala T always recommends supporting restaurant partners who host games—most nights of the week.


Koala T was started by Ed Guerra, who grew up in Koala T’s first expansion city (San Antonio, back in 2016) but found himself in Indianapolis via military assignment. He’d been playing poker since hitting casinos with relatives after turning twenty-one, and before too long, he began to believe he could run games better than the ones he was playing in.


So what distinguishes Koala T from other options that may be out there? Consistency and quality. Timely communication about games on social media. The appropriate poker tablecloths, which make everything look good before any card is dealt. Volunteer dealer players instead of pass-the-deal. A close adherence to Hold ‘Em rules. A consistent crowd of players, and games that always seem to be growing in number. Each player starts out with at least 20K in chips, and more can be earned by responding to an array of incentives.


The top three winners each night are rewarded with cash and gift certificate prizes. Anyone who hits a straight flush also takes money home. Coupons for chips at upcoming games are handed out to dealers, high-hand-of-the-night winners, and anyone who presents a bar receipt to the person running the game. Participation and placing are closely tracked, producing quarterly point totals, which get published on this website. Top players get to compete in exclusive monthly and quarterly tournaments for even-higher cash prizes.


Don’t miss the next game, and come back for the next one, too. Here are the up-to-date schedule of games links for both Indianapolis and San Antonio, but at the current moment we do not hold games in San Antonio:


Indiana Venues List

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