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Chip & Point Opportunities

Koala T Tournament Points
and Bonus Chips

What are Koala T Points?

Koala T Tournament Points are points earned from final table placements and venue purchase receipts.  On occasion, Bounty Hunter Poker is played where each bounty chip is worth a certain amount of points.  These tournament points are used either to exchange for merchandise or for entry into our Koala T Quarterly Tournaments


Extra chip bonuses apply to KTPL Freeroll Tournaments only.  

Points apply to KTPL Quarterly Tournaments.

Indianapolis Region

Chip Bonuses


3K in Chips - RSVP on Meetup:

Sign up for your specific region's Koala T Poker League Meetup group and RSVP "YES".

2K in Chips - Championship Bracelet:

Wear your Koala T Championship Bracelet for a 1K chip bonus at check-in.  Only one 

30K in Chips - First Time Player:

Offered to brand new players who have never played in a Koala T tournament before.

5K in Chips - Facebook/Instagram/TikTok Post:

Share any one of our three social media posts. Must show the TD during first blind level.

15K in Chips - Koala Tee: 

Wear a Koala T shirt, hoodie or cap during the game.  (VIPs receive 20K in chips, VIP+ receive 30K)

5K in Chips - KTPL Card Guard:

Show the TD your KTPL Card Guard at check-in. Click here to get one: Koala T Card Guards

15K in chips, up to 10K in chip coupons - All-Time Volunteer Dealer: 

Volunteer to be an All-Time Dealer and receive 15K in chips at the start of the tournament. If you are still in play after the first break you will receive 5K in chip coupons.

*You must continue to deal until properly relieved, even if you get knocked out early. Alert the tournament director when knocked out of tournament play.*

Earn chip coupons with purchases directly from the venue:

$10: 2K in coupons

$20: 5K in coupons

$50: 20K in coupons

(hand in your receipt, with your full name and member ID written clearly on it, to the TD directly to receive coupons)

Final Table Placement - 

  1. 130

  2. 100 

  3. 80

  4. 70

  5. 60

  6. 50

  7. 40

  8. 30

  9. 20

  10. 10

*VIPs earn 1.5X final table points.*

**VIP+ earn 2X final table points.**

Earn points for every dollar spent:

6X Points: tips to server. MUST have server       

initials on bar tab receipt.

3X Points: bar tab spending

1X Points: all other spending (50/50, jukebox, pulltabs). Jukebox and pulltab spending must have signature from staff for verification purposes.

Bounty Hunter Poker: On occasion, Koala T Poker League will host a bounty tournament where each player will start with a special bounty chip with a different type of value per game (points, extra chips, cash, etc...). Players earn extra bounty chips by winning All-In hands from other players. If you lose all your regular chips but won bounty chips from previous players you only need to give your one starting bounty chip to the winner. Turn in all remaining bounty chips to the tournament director to receive your earnings when you sign out.

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