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Push Or Fold Poker Tournament

Experience the thrill of Push or Fold Poker, a high-octane twist on Texas Hold'em tournaments, exclusively available with Koala T Poker League. Dive into the fast-paced action where you're faced with the ultimate decision: fold or push all in!

How It Works

Welcome to the Push Or Fold Poker Tournament! Here's what you need to know:

Starting Stacks

Each player begins with 5,000 in chips. 


Blinds increase every 5 minutes, following the same structure as regular Koala T tournaments. For example, blinds start at 100/200 and increase to 200/400, 300/600, 400/80 and 500/1000 and continue on from there at 1000/2000, 2000/4000 and so

Dealer Button

Prior to game start, all player's will pick a card to determine the dealer button's position. Highest card picked wins the button. Players with same highest cards will pick again. Ace of Spades is automatically the winner of the button.

Blind Placements

Players must place blinds on their respective turns.


During your turn, you have two choices: fold or go all-in. The game follows standard Texas Hold'em rules, except for these specific rules related to betting options. 


- 1st Place: Koala T-Shirt and VIP+ status for 30 days.

- 2nd Place: VIP+ status for 30 days.

- 3rd Place: VIP status for 30 days.

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