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Expectations For Our Return to Poker

We are finally back on track to what seems to still be a long road ahead to getting back to how things were before this COVID 19 shutdown.

Beginning next week, we are starting back up Koala T Poker freeroll tournaments at Lion & Rose Pub in our San Antonio Region. Due to stricter state policies in Indiana and Kentucky, our games there are planned to start in early to mid-July. Keep an eye out on and on FB for the latest news on which venues open first and when.

Until we are full swing, be sure to enjoy some online play with the Bar Poker Open and their Pro Membership games. You can win cash from BPO on top of the tokens, seats and vacation packages. We also have a Koala T exclusive game with BPO every Wed night giving out $100 cash to the final 3 players until the end of June. But now let's get back to our upcoming live games and what you can expect in the meantime.

We strive for the most enjoyable yet safest games around with cleaned and sanitized cards, chips, and tables. The social distancing rules so far allow up to four people per table, so we can have up to 8 players at a poker table where we combine two of them together. The actual maximum numbers per table will be up to the discretion of the tournament directors and the venue establishment, which may start off at 6 players per table.

Masks will not be required but HIGHLY encouraged while sitting at the tables. We all know poker is a social game with up to 8 players sitting directly next to each other in an enclosed area. Let's all look out for each other and do what is best for yourself and everyone else enjoying the game. One unexpected sneeze or cough can spread germs all across the table. We will have hand sanitizer at check-in and players will be required to use it before bonus chips are given and check-in is allowed.

As we all get through this together and grow as friends and league participants, we need to stay flexible with all that has happened these last few months. We are finally taking our first steps in defeating this pandemic and bringing back our economy and enjoying all the things we used to enjoy just a few months ago.

If you have any comments or concerns dealing with our poker league please feel free to email me at our new email

Thank you again and I can't wait to see those pics on social media of everyone having fun again with Koala T Poker League!

Ed Guerra Owner/Director Koala T Entertainment / Koala T Poker League

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